Why not make your data work for you?

I was a first adopter to new technologies, hardware and software — hordes of applications and beta testing new entrants, supplying my information to random databases, somewhere in the world. More recently, I have become more protective of my privacy and information.

The irony is, I willingly gave my data to these services to sign up and document my existence in various different ways, as a means to use the application or service.

What I have discovered is that companies thrive on consumer data. They need it to re-market and sell products and services to the end-user. Digital marketing has…

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Mobile is a large component in the African Internet experience. We know this from the data that is collected by US-based internet firms, such as Facebook and Google, who allow marketers and analysts insight to user trends. These insights however do not paint a clear picture of the end-user, in comparison to developed markets which provide deeper insight on end-users and their experiences with the service.

Africa is a very interesting space and mobile is a sneaky tool.

The African mobile space is growing rapidly. Mobile penetration in South Africa stands at 133%. This means that majority of the population…

His suede mustache held onto his upper lip as he smoked his joint, head tilted upwards slightly as to let the smoke float off upwards and to get sucked left into the extractor fan. The narcotic music pulsing in the background, coupled with the blue LED down lighting, elevated his mood and got him ready for the night.

He stood up firmly, clutching the ends of his denim jacket, pulling down firmly as to rise into his jacket from his seat, like it was the only thing keeping him fixed to the ground. His white converse shoes, with that red…

It was time for tea. She scurried around her ático, adorned with plants and celestial things. Through the patio door, which was open to the solar, emitted a sound that struck fear in a lot of the inhabitants of Barcelona but not her. She was used to it. The ting ting ting.

The kettle whistled on the hotplate stove and she began to prepare her Matcha. Matcha of course, for it’s natural healing properties, or something like that.

Moving like a sharman through her shaggy carpeted floors, she closed the patio-leading door and curtains, shutting out all the solar. The…

The earliest memory he could recall was the tink tink tink sound he kept hearing on the street.

She was laying next to him, still reeling from the previous night’s fiesta, unconscious but still breathing. He began to carefully remove the paper thin sheet that covered their naked bodies.

Slumbering over to the bathroom he gathered what he could from what he could see. His head was throbbing, in a typical vodka/gin hangover. His mouth, raw from last night’s relentless acts of debauchery.

Gently closing the door, he turned quickly to a giant mirror, now illuminated with the flow of…

I’m tired of this growing rhetoric perpetuated from all sides of the country. There is a lot of assumption, opinions and baseless information floating around on social media — all of which is creating a great divide in the country.

I’m going to put some of my thoughts down on specific issues related to this;

Land Expropriation

Let’s start with what has been seen as the biggest issue that has been at the core of our nation, Land.

When the first settlers arrived, land was taken from native tribes across the entire region. Natives were fighting for their own homesteads and places…

Deep down, I still love You. It’s something I look back on and feel deep within.

“All that you write,
you know
it’s not right,
you move me
with written suggestion.

I know it’s absurd,
to be undressed by a word,
write me more
write me more-
make me yours.”
- Michael Faudet

A friend sent me this — and I thought of You. I want to write love letters to You, always.

I miss You a lot — I am not really sure what I miss, but I miss YOU.

I’m a strategist- I enjoy identifying, conceptualising and understanding various strategic paths. Everything is a choice and there’s always an option to choose for your next move.

Recently, I have been focusing more on spontaneous adventuring — in business and in life, which breeds anxiety in the moment. The unknown is exciting and fearful, but my realisation is that you simply have to jump into the deep end and roll with the punches.

It’s the shortest learning curve. Swim or die.

Tactically the stance I seem to be taking is one of neutrality — which has it’s pro’s and cons…

When you’re focused, the ‘world' bring distractions in the form of people that don’t add value or a lack thereof.

Acknowledge it, accept it and move on.

Simple — become less predicated on people and work on your craft. Learn more, build something. Fail.

People are people, they will come and go (some will return like clockwork) when your energy and focus is high. These are worldy challenges — overcome them and don’t be dragged into the sentiments of the past.

It doesn’t matter when it all ends. You do you, excute on your ambitions and passions, why?

Because YOLO.

After several months of using the Motus shoe, I now have a better understanding of its dynamics, both the benefits and its downsides.

The shoe is versatile, has a single sole, moulds to your feet all which offer a great way to ‘feel’ your surfaces. Through my practice whilst using the shoe, I have noticed progressive growth in technique and form in my movements.

Thinner shoes such as Feiyues or Converse offer similar support yet the durability of these shoes in comparison to the Motus is far from similar. Shoes with a single sole such as tennis shoes improves technique…

Dilosen Naicker

Provisionally I, practically alive!

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